After losing a loved one, dealing with daily life can feel like an epic battle. If you have lost one of your parents, you may unexpectedly become caregiver to your other parent. If you are a parent who has lost a spouse, you are faced with dealing with your children’s grief, as well as your own. Unfortunately, the world does not stop to let you get your footing after such a life changing event—bills still need to be paid, children still need to be fed and household chores still need to be done.

Friends and family will often step in to help during a time of grief. Meals will be brought to your home, clothes will be washed and errands will be run. Take advantage of offers of help to the extent you are comfortable doing so. Your energy is best reserved for taking care of yourself and your family.

One area where outside help can provide tremendous relief is in dealing with insurance companies. If you receive a life insurance denial, lawyers who focus on that area of practice can be a tremendous help in numerous ways. In particular, a skilled life insurance denial lawyer:

  1. Speaks the language of insurance companies
  1. Understands how claims adjusters think
  1. Is prepared to go to court

The Language of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have their own vocabulary. Letters from them are filled with industry jargon mixed with legalese and are nearly impossible to decipher. Lawyers who regularly work with insurance companies are familiar with life insurance policy language, insurance company practices and industry regulations.

With this background, an insurance lawyer can identify the true reason for a claim denial and understand the key issues that need to be addressed to reverse the decision.

How Claims Adjusters Think

Once the main issues in a life insurance denial have been identified, the policy beneficiary needs to plan a response. A lawyer knowledgeable about insurance companies understands the job of claims adjusters. Insurance companies need high volumes of claims processed quickly. If, based on the information an adjuster has, there is an arguable reason to deny a claim, it will be denied. Researching the issue will likely be left up to the beneficiary receiving the denial.

A proficient life insurance denial lawyer will frame your response using the insurance company’s own language and approach to claims. Your response will focus on the facts that rebut the insurance company’s reasons for denying your claim.

Prepared to Go to Court

The goal of insurance companies is to turn a profit every year. To do this, they count on the fact that many claim denials are accepted at face value. In addition, the denials that are challenged often end in a lesser settlement than the value of the original claim. Going up against a team of experienced lawyers who spend every day defending the insurance company against claims sounds like David taking on Goliath. That is another thing the cadre of insurance attorneys count on—it is too intimidating to take them on and they can delay a resolution until even the most tenacious beneficiaries give up.

A skilled life insurance attorney knows these tricks and will not give up. The lawyer you want is the one who is prepared to go to court whenever negotiations begin to stall or the insurance company appears to be acting in bad faith.

Life insurance lawyer Chad G. Boonswang works with insurance companies every day. Contact him now for a free consultation about how you can benefit from his skill in dealing with insurance companies.