At Boonswang Law Firm we employ only the best educated and trained as well as the most experienced life insurance lawyer professionals to ensure that we are fully armed to represent any and every client that brings a life insurance claim before us that has been delayed or denied.

At Boonswang Law firm we understand that there are fewer tragedies in life that equals the loss of a loved one. We understand that people need time to grieve, to mourn, and to heal. And during this time it is not uncommon, as should be the case, for people that have paid a lifetime to life insurance policies to collect. Life insurance policies are necessary to help widows and the surviving family members pay for the funeral and defray the cost of lost income, and more, after the passing of a loved one. Which makes it all the more tragic when a life insurance company delays or denies a claim.

Only the Best Life Insurance Lawyer Professionals

To be clear, it is in every life insurance company’s best interests to deny life insurance claims. Life insurance claims are costly and can cost life insurance companies hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. With this in mind, at Boonswang Law Firm we have discovered unscrupulous life insurance companies doing everything that they are able, including manufacturing and fabricating reasons to not pay out on legitimate life insurance claims. It is to safeguard our clients against these actions that we employ only the best life insurance lawyer professionals.

Consultation to Discuss Any Life Insurance Claim

Our life insurance lawyer experts know hundreds of case histories and have the experience and the litigation experience to fight in our clients’ best interests. With that in mind, at Boonswang Law Firm we promise a free consultation to discuss any life insurance claim brought before us. We also guarantee not to collect any money from our clients unless their disputes of delayed and denied life insurance claims are recovered. Finally, as in all of our line of work, we keep the rights of our clients at the first and foremost of every thought and decision that we make. We know that we are representing people during their most fragile and needed time, and we promise to not take advantage of the during this time.