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Life insurance is among those things that are purchased with the hope of never using it.  Unfortunately, such a dream cannot be granted to everyone, and when such tragic event happens to fall upon a person, an investigation might be necessary with regards to creating a claim on the policy of life insurance and pursuing for life claims for the owed amount of money.

For Many Insurance Companies, It’s Business, Not Personal.

When you are a filing a life insurance claim, the most important thing that you should always realize is that your claim is simply a business cost to your insurance company. Very often, their entire business model revolves around collecting premiums and not paying out claims.  When this happens, you need a life insurance lawyer.

You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

You might have already known that having to pursue the money that is actually being owed to you from your chosen life policy can really be an unpleasant one.  At the Boonswang Law Firm, there are no costs involved with having us pursue your claim until you get your benefits.  Do not put yourself through the terrible experience of being given the runaround when all that you want is to receive what is rightfully yours.  After almost twenty years of experience fighting life insurance companies, we are very familiar with the vast majority of them, and deal with some  on a regular basis.  We know their tactics, we are familiar with their politics, and we are not afraid to go to trial.  Contact us now, and let us fight for you.

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