At Boonswang Law we are life insurance claim professionals and experts. We know all too well that sadly, even during a time of loss and duress, a time when receiving the life insurance benefit that the departed loved one purchased and paid for through their entire life, something can go wrong and the beneficiary not receive their award. This can especially difficult for a person or family that might have lost the sole breadwinner of their home, and need the money to simply survive. In such events, the life insurance attorneys at Boonswang Law are here to help to everything to ensure that they are paid life insurance claims due to them.

Remember that there are a host of reasons why a claim might be delayed, and that a cursory, initial denial does not mean that the claim cannot be challenged. The beneficiary has rights and protections under the law. With this in mind, it is critically important for the denied beneficiary to immediately contact and retain the services of a life insurance attorney to ensure that a quick and prompt response is sent to the denying insurance company. Delaying is never a good idea and time is always of the essence when a claim has been filed or denied by a life insurance company.

At Boonswang we work together with our clients to ensure that they are paid life insurance claims that have been denied. Further we collect no payment upfront from our potential clients and only are paid once the life insurance company has paid life insurance claims owed. Our promise to people denied life insurance claims:

  • If we do not recover the award for you, there is no fee
  • Our primary goal is to protect our client’s rights
  • Free consultation to discuss claims

We understand that times are difficult in a slow economy, especially with the loss of a loved one, and a denied insurance claim. That is why we are here to help. Contact Boonswang Law today and we will get started on your claim immediately to resolve this issue so that you can put it behind you.