The short answer is yes.

A lawyer that specializes in life insurance claim denials can help you.

Insurance companies will often stretch the law as far as they can when looking for a way to not pay a claim.  Enough people are unwilling to challenge them when they deny claims that it makes sense for them to deny claims in hopes that the beneficiary will simply go away.

Often, the involvement of an attorney on behalf of a beneficiary will send the message that the beneficiary is not going to simply lie down and allow himself or herself to be walked over.  A letter or a phone call from a life insurance lawyer will often get the insurer to stand at attention and reconsider their original decision, especially when they have dealt with that firm in the past.

You can appeal a life insurance claim denial.

A lawyer at the Boonswang Law firm would be happy to discuss your case free of charge.  We represent beneficiaries in all 50 states, and only collect when you do.  With almost 20 years of experience litigating on behalf of life insurance policy beneficiaries, we are prepared to fight for your what you are owed.

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