After the death of a loved one there is perhaps no greater stress than to be denied life insurance. After a life time of paying premiums it is nearly and often times is, criminal to deny a life insurance claim. And yet it happens way too often. That is why we work together with our clients at Boonswang Law Firm to ensure that our clients receive the recovery that they deserve.

There are numerous reasons that a life insurance company may attempt to delay or deny a life insurance claim. We also know that people are the most vulnerable and need the most assistance during times of loss and mourning. We know that some life insurance companies will do anything they can to create a denied life insurance claim. We know this and we know how to combat this.

At Boonswang Law Firm we work with our clients to ensure that their life insurance claim is honored. We work to recovery lost and delayed money from denied life insurance claims. And we do it all following three promises:

  1. We honor and respect the rights of our clients – While this seems obvious, it is important to keep in mind that we work for our clients. That we represent what they want and what they desire. We promise to obey client confidentiality, and will work to ensure that the rights of our clients are protected and honored.
  2. Free consultation – We work with families that have claims against life insurance companies every day, and one of the ways that we work with them is to help defray the cost of acquiring a lawyer or attorney to fight a denied life insurance claim. That is why consultations to meet with Boonswang Law Firm is free and will not cost our clients anything.
  3. We do not collect any fees unless the claim is recovered – Perhaps the most important aspect of our law practice at Boonswang Law Firm is that we do not collect any fees unless the life insurance claim is recovered. There is never a cost to a client or family in the unlikely event that the claim is denied by a court of law.