Delay in Receiving Money After the Death

If you are experiencing a delay in receiving money after the death of a loved one, then hire a life insurance claims lawyer. Many insurance agents will deny or delay the money owed to beneficiaries with devious tactics such as refusing to return phone calls. When this situation occurs, it is time to contact the Boonswang Law Firm located in Philadelphia with an online form or toll-free phone number.

The legal staff that works for this firm has extensive experience fighting for client’s rights concerning getting money from insurance companies. Each area of legal representation including insurance policy reimbursements requires specialized knowledge to understand the complex regulations involved in the court system.

Legal Team to Assist

Trying to work on a legal case on your own is time-consuming and stressful after suffering the death of a family member. A life insurance claims lawyer has a legal team to assist with the complex documentation and communications required to receive money from an insurance company. The Boonswang Law Firm has attorneys who devote 50 percent of their business to seeking reimbursement for denied and delayed insurance claims.

Many insurance companies will use illegal actions to avoid making payments to beneficiaries. They may try to cancel an insurance policy or state that premiums were not paid. When a beneficiary has this experience, hiring a professional to fight for reimbursements is necessary.

Policyholders purchase life insurance with an insurance company with the understanding that beneficiaries will receive money upon their death. Each insurance company will have specific rules concerning denial of reimbursements to beneficiaries. After the death of a policyholder, a beneficiary is responsible for reporting the death with an official certificate. Most companies pay beneficiaries immediately according to the law.

However, an insurance company might try to delay, deny or reduce payments to save money. Hiring a life insurance claims lawyer to fight the battle for a settlement in or out of court is required to get money from an insurance company in these situations. The Boonswang Law Firm of Philadelphia has attorneys ready to assist with an insurance case.