Complete Compensation

Denied life insurance claims are a common occurrence that happens to individuals and families requiring the assistance of the legal team at the Boonswang Law Firm in Philadelphia. After the death of a policyholder, beneficiaries are supposed to receive financial compensation from a life insurance company.

Policyholders who buy life insurance have a contract with an insurance provider to receive money for beneficiaries after their death. As long as a policyholder pays the premium fee to the company each month or has paid a lump-sum, the company must compensate survivors according to the written contract. Occasionally, life insurance policies also cover other expenses including critical care, funeral or burial costs for policyholders.

Hire Life Insurance Experts

A life insurance policy typically has a written list of exclusions that will make payments null and void. Circumstances that commonly make life insurance payments void include deaths due to war, riots or suicide. Hiring the Boonswang Law Firm in Philadelphia is necessary when beneficiaries are denied financial compensation. It is important for a policyholder and potential beneficiaries to understand a life insurance contract completely before making payments.

Survivors experiencing denied life insurance claims must find an experienced law firm to fight for their rights. Insurance companies frequently fail to pay beneficiaries because they believe the policyholder died under unusual circumstances. In this situation, the insurance company may investigate how a policyholder died in order to justify refusing a claim.

Free Consultation

Contacting the Boonswang Law Firm in Philadelphia is easy with an online form at the firm’s website or by calling a toll-free phone number. Working on denied life insurance claims is 50 percent of this knowledgeable law firm’s business. Collecting financial compensation from insurance companies requires an understanding of court deadlines and complex documents.

This legal firm’s first consultation is always free while clients only pay for services when an attorney wins a case. Working with various insurance companies requires an expert attorney who will fight for compensation. Beneficiaries should never agree to accept a reduced amount of money from an insurance company after a loved one’s death.