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    Our team of experienced life insurance lawyers have helped people throughout Nevada get their claims for life insurance paid. Whether you need help filing your claim for death benefits, or your claim has been denied, we can help.

    If your life insurance claim was denied, don’t take no for an answer! Life insurance companies often deny valid claims for reasons that don’t hold up upon investigation because they only make money for their shareholders when they delay or deny claims. We will help you fight claim denial.

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    The Four Most Common Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Life Insurance Claims in Nevada

    You would think that life insurance beneficiaries automatically receive death benefits when the policyholders die, but in fact this seldom happens. Why? Again, life insurance companies exist to make money and they only make money if they don’t pay out. For this reason, life insurance companies have incentive to deny claims for death benefits. They often cite the following reasons – reasons which often turn out to be inapplicable when we investigate further.

    A Coverage Exclusion Applies

    All life insurance policies include a list of causes of death that are excluded from coverage – these are called policy “exclusions.” Death by acts of war or terrorism and suicide are commonly listed among policy exclusions. If there is even a remote chance a policyholder’s death is excluded, the life insurance company will use the exclusion as an excuse to deny your claim for benefits.

    If the life insurance company denies your claim and tells you that the policyholder’s cause of death is excluded from coverage, give us a call. An experienced NV life insurance lawyer can help you get paid. 

    Lapse of Coverage 

    In order to maintain life insurance coverage, a policyholder must pay a premium each month. If premium payments are not made, coverage will lapse and subsequent claims for death benefits will be denied.

    If your life insurance claim was denied due to lapse, don’t take no for an answer! Upon investigation, we have frequently found that lapse in coverage was not the fault of the policyholder. In cases where the policyholder’s employer failed to give or process the forms to convert group coverage to an individual life insurance policy, we have gotten our beneficiary clients paid. Similarly, we have gotten our clients paid when the life insurance company failed to send legally-required notices to the policyholder and when the policyholder was eligible for a disability waiver of premium but did not receive that waiver.

    Give us a call if your claim was denied due to policy lapse. We may be able to help you get paid after all.

    Policyholder Misrepresentation 

    If a policyholder records incorrect information on their initial application for life insurance and medical questionnaire, the life insurance company will likely accuse the policyholder of intent to defraud by misrepresenting themselves and then deny their beneficiary’s claim for death benefits on that basis.

    Life insurance companies are permitted to deny claims when the policyholder misrepresents themselves as a matter of public policy, in order to deter people from lying about their health conditions, lifestyle habits, age, or other factors on their applications to get a lower premium payment.

    We have been able to help many, many beneficiary clients in Nevada under these circumstances. Many times, we have investigated and were able to show that the alleged misrepresentation was not made with intent to defraud. 

    If your life insurance claim was denied for misrepresentation, give us a call – we may be able to help you.

    The Policyholder Died Abroad 

    This is a problem that frequently causes claim denial or delay in paying a life insurance claim.

    Life insurance companies require official proof of the death of policyholders to process and pay beneficiaries’ claims for death benefits. Proof of death is most commonly in the form of a certified death certificate but may be an obituary or a bill from the funeral home.

    If the policyholder died overseas, a life insurance company may delay paying the claim until documentation is received, and may deny the claim altogether if the foreign documentation does not have enough information to prove that the policyholder died. 

    If your claim is delayed or has been denied for this reason, contact us. We may be able to help you.


    What You Can Expect Working With an Experienced Nevada Life Insurance Lawyer

    We represent our beneficiary clients in life insurance claims and life insurance claim denials on a contingency basis, which means that we do not get paid unless you do.  In addition to no out-of-pocket cost to you, here are some of the many ways we can and will assist you with your Nevada life insurance claim:

    • We handle all communications with the life insurance company 
    • We apprise you of all developments in your case
    • We answer your correspondence and return your calls promptly  
    • We investigate the reason given for your claim denial or delay 
    • We investigate the cause of death of the policyholder
    • We determine whether the reason your claim was denied applies

    Remember, the life insurance company has incentive to use any possibly-applicable reason to delay or deny your claim for death benefits. Because of this, many valid life insurance claims are denied or payout is delayed unfairly in Nevada. If this is happening to you, give us a call. We may be able to help you get paid.

    Frequently-Asked Questions About Nevada Life Insurance Benefits

    How Do I Dispute a Beneficiary Designation?

    You file what is called an “interpleader” with the court. A life insurance company will delay paying death benefits to anyone until the dispute is resolved.

    If you feel a beneficiary designation is fraudulent, was made under duress, contravenes Nevada law regarding whether a spouse or the former spouse should receive the death benefit, or contravenes a court order mandating the beneficiary designation, call us – we can help you.

    How Can I Find Out Whether Someone Who Recently Died Had Life Insurance?

    While there is no national database of policyholders, you can investigate. If you think that the deceased may have had group life insurance through work, you can contact their employer and ask. Also look through their important papers for life insurance policy documents and review bank statements for evidence of life insurance premium payments.

    How Long Does it Take to Get a Life Insurance Claim Paid in Nevada?

    It usually takes a life insurance company 30-60 days to process and pay a claim for death benefits in Nevada. If you retain an experienced NV life insurance lawyer, they can ensure that your claim is filed timely and correctly and that the claim process goes as smoothly as possible.

    It Has Been More than 60 Days Since I Filed My Claim and I Haven’t Heard Anything from the Life Insurance Company, What Can I Do?

    If you have heard nothing about the status of your claim yet and more than 60 days have passed since you filed it, the life insurance company may be delaying your claim unreasonably. In these cases we have been able to force the life insurance company to pay our clients interest on the amount of the claim. Give us a call – we may be able to help you.

    My Life Insurance Claim Was Denied, What Can I Do?

    You can dispute the claim denial. The life insurance company should have sent you a letter explaining why your claim was denied along with the notice of claim denial. An experienced NV life insurance lawyer will assess your claim and investigate whether the reason the life insurance company denied your claim actually applies. Call us – we know how to navigate the process to improve your chances of getting the money your loved one intended you receive.

    My Claim Was Denied Due to Policy Lapse, Can I Still Get a Payout?

    Yes! You should dispute the denial. Often when we investigate claim denials due to lapse we discover that the lapse was not the fault of the policyholder and our clients receive the death benefit. 

    Every lapse case is different, so it’s best to talk to an experienced Nevada life insurance lawyer about your particular case.

    Help! My Life Insurance Claim was Denied Due to “Misrepresentation!” What is That?

    Call us – we will help you. Life insurance companies are allowed to deny beneficiaries’ claims when policyholders allegedly “misrepresent” themselves on their application or medical questionnaire. This is to deter people from lying about a medical condition, lifestyle habit, age, or any other factor increasing the premium payment.

    We thoroughly investigate every misrepresentation case we get, and we very often find that while the policyholder may have made a mistake on their application for life insurance or their medical questionnaire, they had no intent to deceive or defraud the life insurance company. We have gotten many payouts for our Nevada clients under these circumstances.

    The Life Insurance Beneficiary Died Before the Policyholder - Who Gets the Death Benefit?

    If the policyholder did not name contingent or secondary beneficiaries, the death benefits will be paid to the policyholder’s estate. Unfortunately, this means the death benefit is subject to the claims of the policyholder’s creditors. 

    To avoid allowing creditors to claim some of all of the death benefits, policyholders should keep their beneficiary designations up-to-date and name contingent or secondary beneficiaries who can receive the death benefit should the primary beneficiary be unavailable.

    The Beneficiary Designation Was Changed at the Last Minute, Should I File a Beneficiary Dispute?

    A policyholder can change their beneficiary designation at any time as long as they are of sound mind. However, if you have reason to suspect that the beneficiary change was made fraudulently or under duress, then yes, you should file a beneficiary dispute. We can help you.

    When Should a Policyholder’s Spouse or Former Spouse Dispute the Beneficiary Designation?

    A policyholder’s former spouse or the current spouse should contest the beneficiary designation if the beneficiary should have been them under state law or under a court order. An experienced life insurance lawyer can help you understand your rights as the policyholder’s spouse or former spouse under Nevada law.

    Can a Life Insurance Beneficiary Be Changed After the Policyholder’s Death?

    Never. Change of Beneficiary Designation forms executed after the death of the policyholder are always fraudulent. Contact our Nevada life insurance lawyers immediately if you believe that someone is trying to scam you out of the death benefits you should be getting.

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