If you are having problems getting a death benefit paid after someone in your life has passed away, you need to contact a life insurance attorney for help dealing with the insurance company. Your lawyer will talk to the insurer on your behalf and help move your claim forward, while pursuing legal action in court, if necessary, to get your claim paid.

Unfortunately, as you grieve the death of your family member or friend, it can be difficult to know how to find a life insurance lawyer you can trust. Having an experienced attorney may be the key to getting the insurance company to take your claim seriously and pay out the benefits you need in a timely manner. This means you need to think carefully about which lawyer is going to be the best advocate for you.  Boonswang Law provides representation to beneficiaries making life insurance claims and we are here to provide the legal representation you are looking for.

What to Look for in a Life Insurance Attorney

The first thing to look for when choosing a life insurance attorney is a lawyer who has experience with this area of law. Attorneys have different specialties and areas where they have focused their practice. You want to ensure you find a legal professional who has a long history of handling life insurance claims disputes and insurance denials. The laws that apply to insurance companies are highly detailed and technical and only a lawyer with extensive experience and a strong background in these types of claims is going to be able to provide you with the comprehensive representation you deserve when dealing with the insurer.

You should look at the past track record and reputation of the attorney.

  • Does the lawyer have a history of helping clients successfully recover money from insurance companies? Boonswang Law has testimonials from many past satisfied clients.  While every case is different, you can see from our past successes that we do get results for those who we represent.
  • Does the attorney have good ratings and reviews?  Our attorneys have earned a 10.00 Superb Rating on Avvo and have been selected as ASLA Top 100 Litigation Lawyers.  Insurance companies and clients know we are strong advocates ready to fight for our clients.
  • Does the attorney have litigation experience? Your case may end up in court if the insurance company refuses to pay. Our attorneys have won litigation competitions and have helped many clients to successfully take their claims to trial.

You should also schedule a consultation with the life insurance attorney you are considering working with. Boonswang Law offers free consultations so you can meet an attorney face to face and learn more about the legal services we can provide. We promise to communicate with you regularly and take your case seriously throughout the process of dealing with your insurance claim dispute.  Call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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