After a loved one dies, you need to notify your life insurance company and provide a copy of the death certificate so you can receive the death benefit. The life insurance company should provide information to you on how to make your claim and they should process that claim quickly so you can receive the money your loved one has made sure to provide for you.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not care if you immediately need the money for daily expenses or funeral costs. They do not recognize that you are grieving and have suffered a tremendous loss. As a business, the number one priority of an insurance company is their profits and they often treat beneficiaries of life insurance policies unfairly in an effort to protect their financial bottom line. When this happens to you, you need a life insurance lawyer to be your advocate and guide so you can get the money you deserve.

The Job of a Life Insurance Lawyer

A life insurance lawyer has a very important job. At Boonswang Law, our attorneys are dedicated to standing up for the rights of beneficiaries of life insurance policies. Your lawyer’s role is to use the legal system, and the protections available under the law, to hold the insurance company accountable for its promises to you, which were secured by monthly payments. Your lawyer will do everything possible to ensure you get the payments you were counting on.

A life insurance lawyer will help you in many ways after the death of a loved one including:

  • Assist in interpreting policy language when there is a dispute over coverage.
  • Help to prove that a death should be covered by an insurance policy.
  • Deal with the insurance company on your behalf throughout the claims process, working to avoid delays and push your claim forward quickly.
  • Appeal a denied insurance claim.
  • File a lawsuit if the insurer acts in bad faith in processing your claim or if the insurance company denies coverage.

The sad fact is that insurance companies have teams of lawyers and experts who look for loopholes and ways to avoid payouts. This often makes matters more difficult for beneficiaries of life insurance policies to actually get their money. You should not try to deal with these unfair and dishonest tactics alone. If your claim is denied, or you have any problem getting the death benefit after your loved one has died, you need to get help from an advocate who is on your side.

Getting Help from a Life Insurance Lawyer

At Boonswang Law, our attorneys are focused on representing clients who are being treated unfairly when making life insurance claims. We have a strong reputation for standing up to insurance companies and will fight for you because we believe you should get the payouts that were promised to you after a death in the family. Do not let the insurance company get away with taking away your future financial security. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how a life insurance lawyer can help you with your claim.

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