If your loved one has passed away, making a claim with your life insurance company is a necessity in order to receive the funds that are due to you. The loss of a loved one not only causes tremendous grief, but may be the source of financial stress as you worry about how to pay for funeral costs and keep up with bills and daily living expenses without the deceased’s income.  Waiting for your life insurance check can be a difficult time, and receiving notice of a denied life insurance claim can be absolutely devastating.

If you receive a claim denial, it is very important that you do not just give up and accept what the insurance company has said. Insurance companies routinely try dishonest tactics in an effort to avoid making payouts to beneficiaries, even if they have legitimate claims. If you just accept what the insurer has said, the insurer gets to keep the premiums without paying out what you are owed… and you could be left in a financial crisis. Appeal for insurance claim denial is possible and a life insurance lawyer will assist you in taking the right steps after your claim has been denied.

You Have Options When Your Life Insurance Claim Is Denied

Insurance companies have many reasons for trying to deny claims, from arguing that the deceased wasn’t forthcoming on his application to claiming premiums were not paid or the death was not from a covered cause.  All of these excuses can sometimes be undermined if you have the facts and law on your side.

When the life insurance company sends you a claim denial, a life insurance lawyer can carefully review the policy language and the circumstances surrounding premium payments and your loved one’s death. Your lawyer will help you see whether there are any possible ways  you can argue the claim should be covered despite what the insurer has said.

In some situations, it turns out that the insurance company actually has no legitimate argument for denying the claim you have made. The insurer may simply be hoping you will give up and go away. When this happens and the insurance company didn’t process the claim fairly, you can take legal action for bad faith.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denials

If the insurance company acted in bad faith and denied your legitimate claim for no reason, then you can go beyond simply appealing for insurance claim denial. In addition to getting the insurance company to reverse the denial, you can file a civil lawsuit to collect damages in addition to the policy payout, meaning  you can recover more money than would have been originally due from the death benefit. The legal system allows this because they recognize the special trust people place in insurance companies and the tremendous harm that occurs when that trust is abused.

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