Life insurance policies are designed to pay out after the death of the named insured. Those who receive the funds from the policies are called beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are usually family members, but they can also be close friends or business partners who are at risk of financial harm due to the passing of the deceased. The life insurance policy is supposed to protect those left behind from financial damage by paying out the policy amount.

Sadly, some life insurance companies are indifferent to the fact that you need the insurance payout to make your mortgage after the breadwinner in your family has died. Their main concern is protecting their bottom line, not disbursing a life insurance payout necessary to pay for your child’s education. Life insurance companies care about their bottom line and their shareholders and this focus leads some insurers to deny legitimate claims.

If your life insurance claim is denied, you need to fight the denial and get the money you need and deserve. A life insurance denial lawyer at Boonswang Law is ready to advocate on your behalf. We will stand by your side at every interaction with the insurer and will use the legal system to help you get the money that you need and that your deceased friend or relative intended you to receive.

Why Do Life Insurers Deny Claims?

Life insurance companies use many different tactics to deny claims. From claiming that an applicant lied on the policy to alleging premiums have not been paid, some insurers will look for every excuse they can find to refuse payment. Often, the insurer has the obligation to prove that there was a legitimate reason to deny a claim. Insurers do not inform you of this obligation when they send a denial letter, and you may not be sure how to fight if your claim has been denied.

Insurers sometimes have no legitimate grounds for denying a claim, but simply refuse to pay in the hopes that you will give up or accept less than you should receive. Your deceased friend or loved one bought the insurance policy to protect you after death, and you should not have to cope with these deceitful tactics when you are also dealing with grief.  A life insurance denial lawyer can fight for your rights.

How Can a Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Help?

At Boonswang Law, you will be represented by a life insurance denial lawyer who will negotiate with an insurer to secure your rightful compensation or go to court and fight for the insurer to cover your claim.   A denial from an insurer should not be the end of the discussion, and you should not give up if you believe you are entitled to a death benefit from an insurance policy.

Our attorneys have decades of collective experience and a large portion of our firm’s practice is dedicated to fighting for the rights of life insurance beneficiaries whose claims have been denied.  Call today to schedule a free consultation with a life insurance denial lawyer at Boonswang Law and learn more about how we can assist you. You do not pay legal fees for representation unless we recover funds for you.

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