Was Your Life Insurance Claim Delayed or Denied?

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Stop getting the runaround.  The Boonswang Law Firm has a team of life insurance lawyers dedicated exclusively to helping you get the death benefits that you are owed.

For over 20 years, our team of life insurance attorneys have helped beneficiaries receive the death benefits that their loved ones wished to provide.  A life insurance policy is purchased in order to protect families from financial hardship, ensure dependents do not suffer because of an untimely death or make it possible for co-owners of a business to continue operations after the loss of a partner. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance policies do not fulfill any of these goals because insurance companies fail to make payments as required under the policy. Such practices are wrong, illegal and you do not have to stand for it.

Life Insurance Companies Are Notorious for Avoiding Payment of Benefits Whenever Possible

Here’s how it’s supposed to work:

  • When a person passes on, the beneficiary listed on the life insurance policy is supposed to receive a set payment from the insurance company
  • In exchange, the person will have paid monthly premiums to the insurance company to maintain the terms of his/her life insurance contract

Here’s the reality:

Common Insurance Company Tactics to Deny Life Insurance Claims

Understanding the dishonest tactics of insurance companies is important so you will know if you need legal help due to an unfairly denied claim.  Insurance companies sometimes employ unfair tactics to delay or deny claims. For example:

  • Misrepresentation: Even though a policyholder pays monthly premiums for life insurance, his/her family or beneficiaries can be denied payment of life insurance if the insurer claims misrepresentation.
  • Self-Inflicted Injuries: Insurance companies may deny life insurance payments by claiming that the injury was self-inflicted.
  • Retroactive Cancellation: Insurance companies may cancel a policy retroactively to ensure that the claim does not have to be paid or look for ways to contest coverage so a beneficiary will be deprived of the death benefit.

These illegitimate practices are common and all too often insurance companies are not held accountable. Those who may have been depending upon the insurance company to pay the death benefit so they can pay their bills and start a new life could be left with nothing.

What You Can Expect from Our Team of Life Insurance Lawyers

Upon acceptance of your case, our team of experienced life insurance attorneys will:

  • Review policy terms and provisions to determine coverage and exclusions
  • Review denial letters and correspondence from an insurer to identify reasons for a delay or denial
  • Negotiate with your insurer to get you a payout on a life insurance policy when there is a dispute
  • Pursue a claim in court against an insurer that is acting unreasonably or dishonestly in delaying or denying the payment of a valid life insurance policy
  • Investigate claims and allegations made by an insurer in denying a policy to refute or cast doubt on those claims

Insurance companies are staffed by experts, consultants and lawyers who look out for the insurer’s profit margin. The more premiums an insurer can collect, and the less benefits the insurer can pay out, the better the company does. The insurer’s interests are at odds with yours and you need your own advocate looking out for you as you make your claim after a death.

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