Life Insurance Claim Denied

Life insurance policies are contracts in which a policy holder pays insurance premiums to another person or entity in the event of his or her death. The policyholder or named insured designates beneficiaries who will be receive a death benefit if the policyholder dies while the life insurance is active. Life insurance policies can last for a term of time, or may be whole life policies. Regardless, if the insured dies while the policy is in effect, the insurance company is responsible for paying out the death benefit.

Life insurance policies serve an important role. They protect families from financial hardship, ensure dependents do not suffer because of an untimely death or make it possible for co-owners of a business to continue operations after the loss of a partner. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance policies do not fulfill any of these goals because insurance companies fail to make payments as required under the policy. Such practices are wrong, illegal and you do not have to stand for it. If you are denied payment as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy, contact a life insurance attorney at Boonswang Law as soon as possible.

A Life Insurance Lawyer Can Help You When Your Life Insurance Claim Was Denied.

An attorney can represent your interests when an insurance company engages in unreasonable delay tactics. An attorney can also help you if the insurer is denying coverage or refusing to pay out your claim.  Your lawyer will work to move your claim forward and help you to get the money to which you are entitled.  An experienced life insurance attorney can:

  • Review policy terms and provisions to determine coverage and exclusions
  • Review denial letters and correspondence from an insurer to identify reasons for a delay or denial
  • Negotiate with an insurer to get you a payout on a life insurance policy when there is a dispute
  • Pursue a claim in court against an insurer that is acting unreasonably or dishonestly in delaying or denying the payment of a valid life insurance policy
  • Investigate claims and allegations made by an insurer in denying a policy to refute or cast doubt on those claims

Insurance companies are staffed by experts, consultants and lawyers who look out for the insurer’s profit margin. The more premiums an insurer can collect, and the less benefits the insurer can pay out, the better the company does. The insurer’s interests are at odds with yours and you need your own advocate looking out for you as you make your claim after a death.

Contact a Life Insurance Attorney For Help

At Boonswang Law, our practice is dedicated to representing beneficiaries who are treated unfairly by insurance companies. We believe that when an insurer accepts premiums and agrees to pay a death benefit, the insurer should live up to the policy agreement. Our firm has decades of experience pursuing compensation from insurance companies large and small and we will stand by you throughout your claim, fighting every step of the way to get you the money you deserve.

Click here for a free consultation with a life insurance lawyer.  There is no cost until we get your claim paid.