Common Life Insurance Exclusions

Top Reasons Life Insurance Claims Get Denied

An important piece to any life insurance policy with which one should become familiar is the policy’s exclusions.  Exclusions in a life insurance policy are provisions that set forth certain situations in which the life insurance company will not pay out the death benefit.

The most common exclusions relate to suicide, self-inflicted injury, illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, sickness, and/or felonies.

Suicide Exclusion

If your life insurance policy has a suicide exclusion, this means that the beneficiaries will not receive the benefits of the policy if the insured person died by committing suicide.  Suicide clauses often differ depending on what state’s law applies to the policy.

These exclusions commonly state something along the lines of, “if you commit suicide within the first two years of this contract, the beneficiaries will receive a premium refund, but not the death benefit.”

One common complication with enforcing suicide exclusions is proving that the insured actually committed suicide.  It is not uncommon for one to die accidentally, resulting in what might look like a suicide.

At the Boonswang Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience in taking on the challenge of disputing these suicide exclusions.  As a result of our skill and knowledge in insurance law, we have been able to successfully obtain death benefits for clients who had previously been denied payment in the face of suicide exclusions.

Drug Exclusion

Many policies also have exclusions that will prevent a beneficiary from receiving the death benefit if the insured died as a result of illegal drug use and/or even prescription drug use.

Insurance companies often apply this exclusion in situations where marijuana was found in the insured’s toxicology report after the death.  Insurance companies also will apply the exclusion in cases involving heroin overdoses or when someone took too many prescription pain pills.

Some states, however, have laws that provide protections for life insurance policyholders who are prescribed narcotics or who are deemed disabled due to addiction.

Our attorneys at The Boonswang Law Firm are extremely knowledgeable in life insurance laws across the country.  Our knowledge and experience help us to zealously fight for our clients and get them the death benefits they deserve.

Experienced Life Insurance Lawyers

When a life insurance company denies someone death benefits due to an exclusion in the policy, it is not always the end of the story.  Here at The Boonswang Law Firm, we have helped countless beneficiaries receive benefits from a policy when they were initially told that they were being denied due to an exclusion.

It is common for life insurance policies to contain these exclusions, and even more common for the insurance companies to utilize them whenever they can.  Our attorneys at The Boonswang Law Firm are trained and adept with assisting beneficiaries who have been denied benefits due to a life insurance policy’s exclusion.