At Boonswang Law Firm we are licensed professionals specializing in life insurance claims, automobile accidents, premise liability, and medical malpractice. At Boonswang Law Firm our life insurance specialist attorneys are dedicated to the pursuit of obtaining justice for individuals and families who have had their life insurance claim delayed, or worse, denied. At Boonswang Law Firm we are highly rated insurance lawyers with long-standing and successful case histories committed to obtaining positive outcomes for each and every one of our clients.

For all of our life insurance claims we promise:

• No cost, free consultation on all cases to discuss your claim
• To protect the rights of our clients
• There is no fee or charges if there is no recovery of the expected life insurance payout

We Will Fight on Your Behalf

We understand that there are few times in life that is more stressful than while grieving and mourning the passing of a loved one to learn that their life insurance claim has been delayed or denied. We understand that after paying for a policy, life insurance companies should be held accountable for their promises and we will fight on your behalf if, for any reason, there is a need for us to intervene.

Help and Assist in Your Claim

We have years of experience and have helped numerous people, individuals, couples, and families, recover money from both large and small insurance companies and firms. We also understand that for most life insurance companies they will do everything possible to avoid paying a full life insurance policy. That is why we work tirelessly to help and assist in your claim.

Throughout the years of our practice we have seen everything when it comes to life insurance claims being delayed or denied, even illegal and illicit activities. We promise that we will do everything we can to ensure a swift, prompt, and full payment.

Always remember that the experts at Boonswang Law Firm collects no fee or charge from our clients until after the life insurance policy has paid their responsibly. We are focused on protecting the rights and the privacy of our clients, and work to that end. And that our consultations are free with no hidden charges.