A resource for when you have questions about your life insurance policy

We have found that a large number of people simply do not understand their life insurance policies.  Whole life vs. term life insurance?  Will this policy help my family once I’m gone?  Will it simply cover the costs of a funeral?  What works best for you?  This new resource will be dedicated to answering questions about  life insurance, and how it would best serve our you. It will feature articles detailing the best ways to handle life insurance companies, the finer points of certain types of policies, as well as articles related to life insurance, such as the finer points of accidental death and dismemberment cases.

An informed client is the best client.  We here at Boonswang Law work to serve you, and look forward to making ourselves available to answer any questions that you may have about your life insurance.  We do this because your life insurance benefits are yours.