As policyholders age, they must be vigilant about paying premiums. A lapse in payment can be a disaster for an older policyholder, resulting in denial of reinstatement, higher premiums, and required doctor visits that could uncover new health issues that could impact the policy. Issues with with whole-life insurance and universal life policies It is[…]

The Iron Lady Documentary

This 2011 documentary tells the story of an independent 83 year-old woman who was involved in an accident.  The months following the accident would be among the most trying of her life, requiring intense physical therapy, extensive medical care, and regular care from those around her. She had wonderful insurance coverage, paid the premiums, but[…]

Introducing our sister site A resource for when you have questions about your life insurance policy We have found that a large number of people simply do not understand their life insurance policies.  Whole life vs. term life insurance?  Will this policy help my family once I’m gone?  Will it simply cover the costs of a funeral?  What[…]