Life Insurance Attorney Answers Common Questions About Whole Life Insurance

One thing insurance agents, financial planners and life insurance lawyers agree on is that life insurance is necessary for people with spouses, partners and children who depend upon the insured’s income. Those insurance agents and financial planners may not agree on what type of life insurance is best, though. What Kind of Life Insurance is[…]

How the Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Website Can Help With Your Life Insurance Lawsuit

Trying to understand life insurance options and benefits information can be overwhelming.  Navigating the claims process can be time-consuming and frustrating.  If your claim is denied, deciding whether you need to file a lawsuit provides yet another challenge.   Working with an experienced life insurance lawyer makes it easier to wade through the various stages of[…]

The Difference Between Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance

Most people buy life insurance so that if they die, their families’ financial needs will still be met. The two most common types of life insurance are term life and whole life. Both types require policyholders to make annual payments (pay premiums) so that upon the insured’s death, the insurance company will pay the beneficiary[…]

Philadelphia Life Insurance Attorney Answers the Question: Who Needs Life Insurance?

Do I need life insurance? Why? What kind? How much? Questions like these can keep people up at night, especially parents. The experienced life insurance lawyers at Boonswang Law provide answers that will help you sleep soundly. Why Have Life Insurance? The main purpose of life insurance is to provide financial support for your dependents[…]