The “They’re Better Off Without Me” Misconception: Life Insurance Claims and Suicide

When a family member or friend commits suicide, loved ones are left with a myriad of questions.  Could I have helped him?  Why didn’t she talk to me?  Did he ask for help and I missed it?  What do I do now?  Will I be able to obtain the death benefit from the life insurance[…]

Can You Appeal a Life Insurance Claim Denial?

The short answer is yes. A lawyer that specializes in life insurance claim denials can help you. Insurance companies will often stretch the law as far as they can when looking for a way to not pay a claim.  Enough people are unwilling to challenge them when they deny claims that it makes sense for[…]

Reasons Life Insurance Companies Deny Claims

It is profitable for insurance companies to do whatever they can to collect premiums and not pay claims. An experienced life insurance lawyer is familiar with the sorts of tactics that are commonly used by these companies, knows how to respond to them, and can represent you in your fight to get what you are[…]


Many Beneficiaries Do Not Even Think of Contacting a Life Insurance Attorney. Congratulations on taking the first step towards fighting for your claim.  There are enough beneficiaries out there that will not contact an attorney after being denied a claim that insurance companies have been known to deny claims even on the shakiest grounds. We[…]