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People typically purchase life insurance to protect their family members, loved ones or those they care about and leave behind. A life insurance policy is supposed to protect a family from financial hardship after a devastating death. Policies may be purchased to ensure that a mortgage can be paid, a child can go to college, or a business partner can keep running a company. People who buy life insurance frequently pay premiums for months or even years just in case the unthinkable happens.

Insurance companies are entrusted with the responsibility of making payments to individuals who are left behind after a death. Unfortunately, some insurers care more about their bottom lines than the real people who are grieving. Instead of paying out according to the policy to alleviate financial stress during a difficult time, insurers may use every excuse in the book to get out of paying beneficiaries the proceeds of a life insurance policy after death.

If you find yourself faced with an insurer who is delaying your payments or denying coverage, you need to act quickly. A life insurance lawyer at Boonswang Law can provide you with invaluable assistance in dealing with the insurance company and getting the money you deserve.

Understanding Life Insurance Claim Delays and Denials

The terms of your life insurance policy dictate the circumstances under which the policy will pay out and the amount to be paid. Every insurance policy is a legal contract and insurers must abide by its provisions as long as premiums have been paid.

In addition to the terms of the policy, certain laws govern life insurance policies. For example, every contract of insurance contains an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This covenant requires insurers to be honest with respect to evaluating claims and making payments. If insurers are unreasonable in their delays and denials, they are acting in bad faith. Individuals who suffer financial harm because of the insurer’s bad faith actions can pursue legal action for compensation.

In general, insurance policies are subject to a two-year period during which the insurer is permitted to contest the policy. Under this provision, if the deceased passed away within two years of the policy purchase date, the insurer may question whether the information provided on the insurance application was true. A death within two years of purchasing the policy does not mean the beneficiary will not get paid, but the process becomes more complicated.

If more than two years have passed, insurance companies cannot contest the policy and must pay beneficiaries after a death, unless there are special circumstances like unpaid premiums.

Despite the fact that the laws protect those for whom life insurance policies were purchased, insurance companies often try to manipulate the law and the legal system so they do not have to pay. Insurers make money only if they pay out less in claims than they take in from premiums, and they do not care about your financial situation after a death. If the insurer can get away without paying, there is a good chance that is what they will try to do. Do not let this happen to you.

Getting Help From a Life Insurance Lawyer

At Boonswang Law, we believe that beneficiaries of life insurance policies deserve to have the financial security that their loved ones purchased for them when buying an insurance policy. An insurer should not be able to deny you the money you need to move on after someone's death. You also should not have to cope with manipulative and dishonest tactics from an insurance company when you are trying to rebuild your life after a loss.

Let us take care of dealing with the insurance company for you. Boonswang Law has a long track record of representing clients whose life insurance claims have been delayed or denied. Half of our legal practice is dedicated solely to representing clients who are not receiving the life insurance payments to which they are entitled, and we have a strong reputation for standing up for our clients and fighting to get them what they deserve.

When you are represented by a life insurance lawyer from Boonswang Law, you do not pay legal fees unless we recover money for you. We will put our decades of collective experience to work dealing with the insurance company on your behalf and we will use our legal skills to work to negotiate a payment for you or help you recover compensation for insurance bad faith

Insurance companies have teams of legal professionals advising and representing them. Do not try to handle a life insurance delay or denial on your own. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help.

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